You Write the Title IV

January 03, 2014

To start the year off, it’s that time again. That time where you get to tell me what to do.

Well. I should clarify. That time where you get to tell me what to do and I actually do it. 

Give me a title and I’ll write to it. I promise. All comers. I won’t promise exactly how – fiction, nonfiction, gifset, listicle, haiku – but I will. Add your title(s) in the comments below. Be anonymous if you want. The titles need to be in the comments, though, not on Facebook, email, Twitter, Instagram, etc. (They’d been coming via too many routes, and it became a mess.)

Previous You Write the Title posts include:

Updated: posts from YWTT IV:

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I’m always mesmerized by a Full Moon and call or text my grandkids the names of each Full Moon and its meaning… SO I’m offering this title: Full Moon.

This is so wonderful. Love you and HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friend! xoxox!

Peter Justason
3 January 2014 12:29 pm

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Steve Woodruff
3 January 2014 12:40 pm

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