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“The kind of PR professional every marketer dreams of working with… she’s a top-notch writer whose prose is clear, concise and compelling.” – Sven Larsen, Zemoga

“As we say in French, she is able to rise ‘au-dessus de la mélée’ to be able to make wise strategic decisions.” – Louis DeLage,

“Among the first pharma social media troublemakers.” – Steve Woodruff, Impactiviti  

Latest Professional Posts

The Man Behind the Curtain: The Emotional Impact of New Technology

A sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, said Arthur C. Clarke. I argue we can add a corollary: an insufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from despotism. If we can’t understand it at all, we’re enchanted. If we can understand a bit...

Surviving BuzzWorld

“What’s the value-add of scaling our multichannel marketing to add a new patient-centric element of gamification?” “MRL is worried about UGC before the sNDA’s PDUFA date.” “We need big data so we can get analytics to prove the ROI on...

Latest Personal Posts

Finish Me Anonymously: Undo

If life had an “Undo” button, what’s one moment when you would have used it?   (yes, anonymous comments are legit anonymous, I couldn’t trace you if I wanted to)

Interesting Times: Update 14 – Yes, I’m Skipping 13

For starters: I feel wonderful. My thyroid-replacement medication is balanced, and I don’t have any of the possible side effects – I sleep, my heart doesn’t race, my hair isn’t falling out, I have energy, I can think clearly, my...