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“The kind of PR professional every marketer dreams of working with… she’s a top-notch writer whose prose is clear, concise and compelling.” - Sven Larsen, Zemoga

“As we say in French, she is able to rise ‘au-dessus de la mélée’ to be able to make wise strategic decisions.” - Louis DeLage,

“Among the first pharma social media troublemakers.” - Steve Woodruff, Impactiviti  

Latest Professional Posts

What You Were Reading: Top Professional Posts in the First Half of 2014

Here are the posts that you liked best over the last six months about what I’ve been up to! With 2014 half over, I’m on track to meet my goals, and I still have my stretch goals in my sights too....

Content Marketing Results: A Case Study

One of my clients recently reviewed their analytics, and saw that a good number of their visitors were from their target companies. Good news! But they were coming to their website after searching for information on how a certain technology was being used in...

Latest Personal Posts

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 934-946

Other Me(s) have recently been mistakenly using my email address for PayPal, the Apple Store, two unrelated new Gmail accounts, Domino’s Pizza (stuffed crust with pepperoni and pineapple, in case you’re curious), San Diego Gas & Electric, Beaverton Toyota Rental, and,...

New Music Tuesday

Why has music always been released on Tuesdays in the U.S.? Apparently nobody’s quite sure. I find that vaguely unsatisfactory. Fortunately these are more satisfactory. Some are truly new; others are my flavors of the week. PR/DES. If Haim were boys from Glasgow they’d be Prides;...