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“The kind of PR professional every marketer dreams of working with… she’s a top-notch writer whose prose is clear, concise and compelling.” - Sven Larsen, Zemoga

“As we say in French, she is able to rise ‘au-dessus de la mélée’ to be able to make wise strategic decisions.” - Louis DeLage,

“Among the first pharma social media troublemakers.” - Steve Woodruff, Impactiviti  

Latest Professional Posts

Finished Project: LASERS

I know you are now mentally saying the word “laser” in a Dr. Evil voice. I relish the power I have over you. One of the things I love the most about what I do is how much I get...

A New Collaboration: Intouch Solutions

I’ve told stories before about some of the many jobs I’ve held in my life. And, for the last nine months, I’ve been writing a new story: my life as a freelance writer and communications consultant. It’s been one of the most...

Latest Personal Posts

Get To Know Your Blogger

Because I am powerless when someone directs me to take a quiz, since back when YM had those dumb ones where you could totally tell which answers were for each result so you cheated to get the one you wanted because IT WAS...

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 947-958

Some of the emails that I get for Other Me’s, I can’t redact enough to be not-privacy-problematic but still interesting. Like the email from Other Me’s insurance broker with the card and details covering her ’01 Durango. Or another one’s LA Fitness billing...