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“The kind of PR professional every marketer dreams of working with… she’s a top-notch writer whose prose is clear, concise and compelling.” – Sven Larsen, Zemoga

“As we say in French, she is able to rise ‘au-dessus de la mélée’ to be able to make wise strategic decisions.” – Louis DeLage,

“Among the first pharma social media troublemakers.” – Steve Woodruff, Impactiviti  

Latest Professional Posts

The Democratization of Creativity

Are social media making society more creative – or less? COMM 3307 – to complete the assignment, read this, give the links a glance, and comment either below or on the Facebook group – before Monday’s class (2/23). In 1993,...

What I Hate Most About Social Networks, Redux

…their ability to make normally lovely people incredibly annoying. This post was originally published May 17, 2010. Dark Ages. Since I’m teaching a class on social media who have just handed in their quarter-term projects on the ills and benefits of social...

Latest Personal Posts

Interesting Times – Update 15

I could basically copy the fall update into this winter one. I still feel wonderful, and most all of my numbers are great. For somebody without a thyroid, I’m stellar. I work hard on that in a lot of ways and it’s very good to know...

You Are Not Special

I’m a mess. I get obsessed. I get depressed. I compare my inside – my grotesque, insufficient, mangled, mixed-up inside – with everybody else’s outside, and I come up lacking. Always. I replay conversations in my head, so many times, with...