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“The kind of PR professional every marketer dreams of working with… she’s a top-notch writer whose prose is clear, concise and compelling.” – Sven Larsen, Zemoga

“As we say in French, she is able to rise ‘au-dessus de la mélée’ to be able to make wise strategic decisions.” – Louis DeLage,

“Among the first pharma social media troublemakers.” – Steve Woodruff, Impactiviti  

Latest Professional Posts

Wearables. Coming of Age? Not Yet.

It’s always been easy to understand the point of a wristband device. From Dick Tracy to Marty McFly, geeks have always wanted something on their wrist that could do all kinds of cool stuff. The problem has been that technology never miniaturized...

Throwback Thursday: Best of 1Q 2015

Have you been too busy to read? You can admit it. I’ve made it easy for you to catch up. Here are the most-read posts from the first quarter of 2015. The Democratization of Creativity – actually a lecture for my Fordham...

Latest Personal Posts

Interesting Times: Update 19

Summary: I had a second round of radioactive iodine (RAI) treatment June 3. Now I wait. No scans – and I’ve had many – have showed metastasis. But my blood work has always showed thyroid/cancer cells left. Not a lot, but...

Will Smith Quotes

Sometimes I write posts because I want to say something, but sometimes it’s just because I need to keep something. Today I just want to keep a collection of quotes from Will Smith. We could probably all stand to remind ourselves of these. I’ve found a...